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PI-103 hydrochloride

PI-103 hydrochloride
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Size: 2 mg
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PI-103 hydrochloride

PI-103 is a cell-permeable pyridinylfuranopyrimidine compound that acts as an ATP-competitive inhibitor of DNA-PK, PI 3-kinase (Class IA), and FRAP (mTOR) complex 1 and 2. When PI-103 is combined with rapamycin, a prototypic mTORC1 inhibitor, synergistic suppression of AKT and ribosomal S6 protein phosphorylation are observed. In addition, PI-103 has been seen to have nominal effects inhibiting basal Na+ transport, but is very effective in abolishing insulin-induced Na+ absorption in the nephron. In blast cells, PI-103 inhibits leukemic proliferation, the clonogenicity of leukemic progenitors and induces mitochondrial apoptosis, especially in the compartment containing leukemic stem cells.

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Product Type:
Peptides & proteins
CAS Number:
Alternative Names:
PI3-Kinase α Inhibitor 1, PIK-103, 3-[4-(4-morpholinyl)pyrido[3',2':4,5]furo[3,2-d]pyrimidin-2-yl]-phenol hydrochloride
Storage Temp:
-20°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Molecular Weight:
Material Safety Data Sheet:
1) Shepherd, C., et al. 2013. Leukemia. 27(3): 650-660. PMID: 23038273; 2) Ding, Q., et al. 2013. Med Oncol. 30(1): 395. PMID: 23335068; 3) Hong, Z., et al. 2011. Carcinogenesis. 32(10): 1550-1558. PMID: 21803735
Shelf Life:
12 months from receipt