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α-conotoxin IMI

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α-conotoxin IMI has been isolated from the venom of the cone snail Conus imperialis. α-conotoxin IMI acts on postsynaptic membranes, and binds onto and inhibits nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). This toxin blocks mammalian neuronal nAChRs (α3/ß2 > α7 > α3/ß4). It has no effect on nAChRs composed of α2/ß2, α3/ß2, α4/ß2, α2/ß4, α3/ß4, or α4/ß4 subunits. α-conotoxins IMI acts independently of voltage value. This toxin is highly active against the neuromuscular receptor in frog.

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Peptides & proteins

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Alternative Names:

alpha conotoxin IMI


Ellison, M., et al. (2003) J Biol Chem; McIntosh, J. M., et al. (1994) J Biol Chem

Limit of Detection:

1352.92 Da

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