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Proteasome inhibitor

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Biochemicals & reagents

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1) Tsubuki et al. (1996), Differential inhibition of calpain and proteasome activities by peptidyl aldehydes of di-leucine and tri-leucine ; J. Biochem., 119 572 2) Wu et al. (2010), Macroautophagy and ERK phosphorylation counteract the antiproliferative effect of proteasome inhibitor in gastric cancer cells; Autophagy, 6 228 3) Meriin et al. (1998), Proteasome inhibitors activate stress kinases and induce Hsp72. Diverse effects on apoptosis; J. Biol. Chem., 273 6373 4) Fiedler et al. (1998), Inhibition of TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappaB activation and IL-8 release in A549 cells with the proteasome inhibitor MG-132; Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol., 19 259

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-20°C (des.)

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MG-132 (133407-82-6) is a specific inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 20S proteasome (IC50=100 nM with Z-LLL-AMC as substrate).1 Also inhibits calpain (IC50=1.25 μM)1 Suppresses gastric cancer cell proliferation and induces macro-autophagy2. Activates stress kinases and induces Hsp72.3 Induces neurite outgrowth.1 MG-132 blocks NFκB activation by blocking IκB proteolysis (IC50=3 μM).4 Cell permeable.

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