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NGF-β (AF)

NGF-β (AF)
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Size: 5 μg
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NGF-β (AF)

Nerve Growth Factor β (NGF-β) is a neurotrophic factor that is important for the development and maintenance of sensory and sympathetic neurons. NGF-β signals through the low affinity nerve growth factor receptor (LNGFR) and the tropomyosin receptor kinase A (TrkA) to activate PI3K, Ras, and PLC signaling pathways. NGF-β is also involved in the growth, differentiation, and survival of B lymphocytes. Human, mouse, and rat NGF-β proteins are cross-reactive.

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Product Type:
Peptides & proteins
Alternative Names:
Nerve Growth Factor β, β-nerve growth factor, bNGF, NGFB
Species Reactivity:
Human, mouse, and rat NGF-β proteins are cross-reactive.
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Molecular Weight:
13.6 / 27.2 kDa
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