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IL-32 α

IL-32 α
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Size: 100 μg
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IL-32 α

Human IL-32 alpha is one of approximately 6 splice variants of a gene cloned from the human lung carcinoma stable transfectant, A549-Rbeta. IL-32 alpha has been shown to induce IL-8, TNF-a, and MIP-2 production from human and mouse macrophage cell lines. It is upregulated in activated T- and NK-cells, and IFN-g-treated epithelial cells. Human recombinant IL-32 alpha is a non-glycosylated polypeptide.

Product Type:
Peptides & proteins
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Limit of Detection:
14.9 kDa
PURITY (MIN.): ≥95
Additional Information:
NAME: Interleukin-32 alpha; ACCESSION/UNIPROT#: P24001-4; EXPRESSION SYSTEM: E.coli; FORMAT: Lyophilized from a sterile (0.2 micron) filtered aqueous solution containing 50 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.5. Reconstitute in sterile water at 0.1 mg/mL.; #AA: 131; SEQUENCE: MCFPKVLSDD MKKLKARMHQ AIERFYDKMQ NAESGRGQVM SSLAELEDDF KEGYLETVAA YYEEQHPELT PLLEKERDGL RCRGNRSPVP DVEDPATEEP GESFCDKSYG APRGDKEELT PQKCSEPQSS K