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IP-10 / CXCL10

IP-10 / CXCL10
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Size: 25 μg
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IP-10 / CXCL10

Among CXC chemokines, CXCL10 has been identified to play an important role in several endocrinological autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto′s thyroiditis, Graves′disease and Type 1 diabetes mellitus. The chemokine IP-10 (interferon-inducible protein of 10 kDa, CXCL10) is a chemoattractant for CXCR3+ T cells, binds to the G protein-coupled receptor CXCR3, which is found mainly on activated T cells and NK cells, and plays an important role in Th1-type inflammatory diseases. IP-10 also binds to glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), an interaction thought to be important for its sequestration on endothelial and other cells. Recombinant Human IP-10 is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain.

Product Type:
Peptides & proteins
Alternative Names:
CXCL10, crg-2
Storage Temp:
Limit of Detection:
8.6 kDa
PURITY (MIN.): ≥95
Additional Information:
NAME: IP-10; ACCESSION/UNIPROT#: P02778; EXPRESSION SYSTEM: E.coli; FORMAT: Lyophilized from a sterile (0.2 micron) filtered aqueous solution containing 0.1% Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA). Reconstitute in sterile water at 0.1 mg/mL.; #AA: 77; SEQUENCE: VPLSRTVRCT CISISNQPVN PRSLEKLEII PASQFCPRVE IIATMKKKGE KRCLNPESKA IKNLLKAVSK ERSKRSP