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Leiurotoxin-1 Dab7

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Leiuorotoxin-Dab7 (Lei-Dab7) is a mutated version of Leiurotoxin, a peptide identified from the venom of the scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus. The Dab amino acid in position 7 confers to this compound a high selectivity for SK2 channels among other channels. Lei-Dab7 exhibits > 200 fold selectivity for SK2 over SK1, SK3, IK, Kv and Kir channels.

  • Applications:Selective blocker of the potassium channel SK2
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Peptides & proteins

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1) Aidi-Knani S., et al. (2015) Correspondences between the binding characteristics of a non-natural peptide, Lei-Dab7, and the distribution of SK subunits in the rat central nervous system. Eur J Pharmacol. PMID: 25704615; 2) Regaya I., et al. (2004) Small conductance calcium-activated K+ channels, SkCa, but not voltage-gated K+ (Kv) channels, are implicated in the antinociception induced by CGS21680, a A2A adenosine receptor agonist. Life Sci. PMID: 15530499.

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3392.12 Da

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AA sequence: Ala-Phe-Cys3-Asn-Leu-Arg-Dab-Cys8-Gln-Leu-Ser-Cys12-Arg-Ser-Leu-Gly-Leu-Leu-Gly-Lys-Cys21-Ile-Gly-Asp-Lys-Cys26-Glu-Cys28-Val-Lys-His-NH2; Disulfide bonds between: Cys3-Cys21, Cys8-Cys 26 and Cys12-Cys28