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ChIP Kits & Reagents

High Performance Kits for qPCR and Sequencing

Chromatrap® filter-based technology significantly enhances and accelerates ChIP assays for epigenetic research. Compared to standard methods, Chromatrap is:

  • Faster
  • More robust
  • Easier to use
  • More sensitive, especially for low-abundant targets


Chromatrap® kits use spin columns or filter-bottom microplates which contain discs of a novel, inert, porous polymer to which Protein A or G has been covalently attached.


Product Categories: 

  • ChIP Kits: column-based kits for qPCR and Sequencing
  • High Throughput ChIP Kits: plate-based kits for qPCR and Sequencing
  • Specialized ChIP Kits: FFPE and Native ChIP kits
  • Shearing Kits: reagents for sonication and enzymatic shearing
  • ChIP Antibodies and Primers: validated antibodies and matching primer sets
  • Reagents and Buffers: for the isolation of high quality chromatin
  • DNA Purification Products: extraction, purification & size selection kits for routine molecular biological techniques

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