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ChIP Positive and Negative Primer Sets

Human Control qPCR Primer Sets are designed to serve as positive or negative ChIP controls when performing chromatin immunoprecipitation with human samples. Each primer set is a mixture of forward and reverse primers that have been validated for qPCR of ChIP samples from multiple human cell lines.

Positive Primer Sets

Cat# Set Gene Targeting
800000 Set 1 GAPDH H3K4me1, H3K4me3, H3K27ac, RNA Pol II, etc.
800001 Set 2 H19 5mC
800002 Set 3 Myt1 H3K27me3, EZH2
800003 Set 4 SAT2 H3K9me3
800004 Set 5 FkBP5 AR
800005 Set 6 MLH1 Sin3a
800006 Set 7 B-Globin H3K14ac, RNA Pol II
800007 Set 8 IL-8 NF-kB
800013 Set 9 GREB1 H4K12ac

Negative Primer Sets

Cat# Set Gene Targeting
800008 Set 1 UBE2B 5mC
800009 Set 2 GAPDH Sin3a H3K4me1, H3K4me3, H3K27ac, RNA Pol I
800010 Set 3 B-Globin AR
800011 Set 4 SAT2 H3K14ac
800012 Set 5 Myt1 H3K27ac
800014 Set 6 GAPDH H3K4me1
800015 Set 7 c-fos H3K9me1


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