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Exo-spin™ midi Columns (EX04 for larger concentrated samples)

For the direct purification of sample sizes up to 1 ml. Larger sample volumes can be used with prior precipitation.
Exo-spin™ midi columns are a versatile, quick and effective way to isolate and purify exosomes directly without precipitation from a range of samples like blood sera and cell culture medium. No precipitation is required for volumes up to 1ml making these columns an ideal choice for applications like mass spec which is not compatible with the use of precipitants. Cell debris, proteins and other impurities are effectively removed yielding a clean exosome sample in less than 30 minutes.


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Exo-Spin Midi Columns EX04-5 · Cell Guidance Systems
Cell Guidance Systems
5 columns $210.00
5 columns
Exo-Spin Midi Columns EX04-20 · Cell Guidance Systems
Cell Guidance Systems
20 columns $615.00
20 columns
Exo-spin Buffer EX06-250 · Cell Guidance Systems
Cell Guidance Systems
250 ml $245.00
250 ml