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Parsortix™ Cell Separation System

Capture and harvest CTCs and other rare cells of interest

Capture and harvest circulating tumor and other cells of interest from as little as 10µl up to 20ml blood sample. Parsortix™ is a semi-automated, walkaway system that does not require sample pre-processing. Just prime the cassette, insert blood sample test tube, press start and go. Examine cells under a microscope in the cassette, or reverse the flow to harvest cells from the cassette to a test tube for further analysis.

The Parsortix™ cell separation system addresses the need for:

  • Highly enriched cell populations
  • Epitope independence, agnostic to cell phenotype
  • Viable cells
  • Research flexibility
  • Simple, easy process
  • Research Use Only – Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures


Patented Parsortix™ Cell Separation System


Microfluidic technology captures cells, based on size and deformability, as whole blood flows through “steps” within the disposable, plastic Parsortix™ cassette. Various Cassette sizes (10µ, 8µ, 6.5µ and 4.5µ) allow customization based on rare cell type and downstream applications.


ANGsep1 ANGsep2

Before and after illustrations showing cell separation with the Parsortix™ Cell Separation System. (green cells - circulating rare cells)


  The Parsortix™ system is simple, effective and affordable

  • Captures a high proportion of CTCs
  • Can be used with all solid tumor cancers (including breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal)
  • CTCs can be easily harvested (recovered from system) for analysis
  • High purity of CTCs (i.e. very low background contamination from white blood cells) allowing direct molecular analysis of harvested cells
  • Very simple operation with minimal user intervention required

  System does not use antibodies to capture cells

  System does not use membranes to capture cells

Downstream Analysis

  Choose from in vitro staining or harvesting cells for:

  • FISH
  • qPCR
  • NGS
  • WGA
  • IHC
  • Enumeration



Additional Information and On-site Demonstration

For additional information and pricing, or to request an on-site demonstration, contact us at sales@mayflowerbio.com.