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Parsortix™ Performance Data

Pre-labelled cells spiked into whole blood and separated


Pre-labelled SKBR-3 cells (CellTracker Green) were spiked into whole blood and separated with the Parsortix™ system. Cells in the capture cassette were counted and compared to the number spiked cells. Measured variation (% CV) in numbers spiked is typically ~7%.


In vitro Staining

data2 data2b

Left: HT29 cell captured and stained in-cassette using CK20 (green), DAPI (blue). Right: CTC captured and stained in-cassette from colo-rectal cancer patient sample. CK20 (green), TO-PRO 3 nuclear stain (blue). Source: University of Surrey (Annels/Pandha).


Harvested Cells

data3 data3b

Left: Breast cancer cell line, captured, harvested and stained. CK (orange); CD45 (red) DAPI (blue). Right: CTCs harvested and stained from breast cancer patient sample. CK (orange); DAPI (blue). Source: Universitätsklinikums Hamburg-Eppendorf (Gorges/Pantel). 



SKBR3 cultured cells separated then harvested. Probed with Abbott Laboratories PathVysion. Red: Her2; Green: CEP 17; Blue: DAPI nuclear stain.