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  • Aimplex Bioscience
    YSL Bioprocess Development Company leverages their extensive commercial assay development expertise to develop high-quality, cost-effective multiplex assays (AimPlex™) for flow cytometer platforms.
  • B'SYS
    High quality ion channel cell lines and compound testing services
  • Cambridge Bioscience
    Cambridge Bioscience is focused on innovative reagents and instruments for cell and molecular biology research.
  • CDI-Lab
    CDI-Lab develops unique and proprietary tools for proteomics, enabling rapid and efficient analyses of thousands of protein interactions using minimal amounts of time, manpower and samples.
  • Cell Data Sciences
    Kits to enhance the recovery of genomic data from challenging biological samples
  • Cell Guidance Systems
    High quality and innovative reagents for stem cell research, exosomes detection and purification, and LiveLight™ culture media for cell imaging which dramatically improves cell viability and functionality during prolonged exposure to light.
  • Chromatrap
    Chromatrap® has been developed by Porvair Sciences in collaboration with Swansea University. The product range was developed to offer a faster, more sensitive method of chromatin immunoprecipitation and is particularly suited to small or low abundant biological samples.
  • CryoCrate
    CryoCrate develops novel cryopreservation solutions for the life sciences, with a focus on cells and tissues that currently cannot be maintained under medium and long-term storage conditions.
  • Focus Biomolecules
    Bringing innovative cellular signaling tools to the life sciences research community and provides superior customer and technical support.
  • IBT Bioservices
    Validated reagents for infectious disease research and development
  • Kingfisher Biotech
    Kingfisher Biotech, Inc. is committed to accelerating basic veterinary research and human disease research done in animal models by developing and commercializing research reagents specific for a variety of species, including bovine, canine, caprine, chicken, dolphin, equine, feline, guinea pig, hamster, human, mouse, ovine, rabbit, rat, swine, and turkey. Products include recombinant proteins, polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits for animal health and animal model research.
  • Life Science Production
    Life Science Production, a Division of Life Science Group Ltd.
  • Mayflower Bioscience
    Products supplied under our own label
  • Montana Molecular
    Montana Molecular develops genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors and probes for cell-based assays and live cell imaging. Products are used for research and drug discovery to observe and measure cell signaling processes.
  • NanoEnTek
    NanoEnTek is a leading developer and manufacturer of instrumentation and consumables for cell counting and analysis.
  • NEST Scientific USA
    NEST Scientific USA is a worldwide manufacturer of plastic laboratory goods for cell culture, molecular biology, immunoassays, liquid handling and storage.
  • pluriSelect
    Cell & Protein Separation Systems
  • S.A. Venom Supplies
    Producers of high quality venom for anti-venom and research purposes.
  • sb-Peptide
    sb-PEPTIDE is a French company with more than 10 years of industrial experience delivering peptides.
  • SIRION Biotech
    Sophisticated cell modeling and viral vector platforms
  • Smartox Biotechnology
    Smartox Biotechnology is specialized in investigating animal venom properties and manufacturing the most interesting peptide toxins contained in venoms.
  • Somagenics
    SomaGenics, Inc. specializes in developing novel RNA analysis tools for life science research, therapeutics and diagnostics.

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