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Providing qPCR assays for miRNA (total RNA & biofluids) and a small RNA library construction kit, SomaGenics have a proven track record of original research and publication as well as applied development and commercialisation.

SomaGenics focus on developing novel RNA-centred approaches to address important aspects of diagnostic detection of miRNAs including bias, sequencing costs, direct isolation &  quantification of circulating miRNAs from plasma samples and detection of low-abundant miRNAs.

The following assays are available and can also be accessed as services:

1. miR-ID® assays  - miRNA quantification from total RNA
Versatile platform providing sensitive & highly specific quantification of low abundance small RNAs, such as microRNAs, from total RNA isolates.

2. RealSeq®-AC Kits - small RNA library preparation for NGS
Small RNA sequencing kit enabling the preparation of small RNA sequencing libraries, minimising bias related to intramolecular RNA folding & adapter dimers. Sequencing costs will be lowered by reducing the number of irrelevant sequencing reads.

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