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Cell Separation Options

Individual pluriBeads, pluriStrainers and other components are available to create individualized multi-target cell separations out of a single sample.
Simultaneous Dual-Target Cell Separation (cascade)
Start with one of our standard S-pluriBead Kits against one of your target cell types. Select a standalone M-pluriBead and pluriStrainer (54 µm) for your second target. Within the cascade mode, sieves are piled so that the top sieve holds back the bigger beads, while the lower sieve holds back the smaller beads each with their respective target cells.
Mix pluriBeads and sample material. Incubate.
Pour mixture onto piled sieves, wash off unbound and unwanted cells. 
Split the cascade and recover your single cell suspension
Sequential Target Separation
pluriBead technology allows for isolating more than 5 targets from 1 sample, one after the other. The first target is obtained from the original sample as usual. The second target can be gained by processing the flowthrough from the previous separation and so on.