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Exo-rack small

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3 mini columns and 2 mini-HD c
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Allows either 3 Exo-spin mini columns or 2 Exo-spin mini-HD columns to be loaded . The Exo-rack has been designed specifically for use with Exo-spin™ mini (Cat codes EX01, EX02 and EX03) and Exo-spin™ mini-HD products (Cat code EX06). The Exo-rack is constructed from three separate materials: bioplastic, carbon-reinforced plastic and acrylic. The rack features innovate soft column gripping devices which firmly grip each column in position. The grippers allow the columns to be inserted into the rack from the side enabling rapid set up and easy adjustment of column height if needed. The two sides of each rack have been configured with column grippers that hold Exo-spin™ mini and Exo-spin™ mini-HD columns respectively

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Exo-rack small

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