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FGF-4 (AF)

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Fibroblast Growth Factor 4 (FGF-4) is a secreted growth factor that is predominantly expressed during bone morphogenesis and embryonic limb development. FGF-4 is an important growth regulator for stem cells, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells. FGF-4 contains a single N-linked glycosylation signal. However, in vitro studies suggest that unglycosylated FGF-4 is cleaved into 13 kDa and 15 kDa truncated proteins that have greater biological activity than the wild type 19 kDa FGF-4 protein. Human FGF-4 shares high homology and is cross-reactive with mouse FGF-4.

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Peptides & proteins

Alternative Names:

Fibroblast Growth Factor 4, FGF4, FGF 4, transforming protein KS3, HBGF-4, HST-1