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AQIX® RS-I Cell Transportation Medium 'Ready-to-use'

AQIX® RS-I Cell Transportation Medium 'Ready-to-use'
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Size: 1 L
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AQIX® RS-I Cell Transportation Medium 'Ready-to-use'

AQIX® RS-I Normothermic Cell,Tissue & Organ Perfusion Solution and Cell and Tissue Transportation Medium 'Ready to use' - 1 L. AQIX® RS-I is a sterile, chemically defined and optimised media developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for both tissues and cells. AQIX is both fully defined, and serum and animal/human protein free. The media is isosmotic, isotonic and isoioinic with human serum and interstitial fluid and may be used at a variety of temperatures (eg: 2°C to 37°C), creating an homeostatic environment for maintaining isolated human cells, tissues and organs over hours or days, as required. AQIX® RS-I utilises a novel, acid-base (pH) buffering system designed to mimic the natural, α-stat pH mechanism of the imidazole groups in haemoglobin operating in mammals and humans and provides an ideal fluid composition to retain the acid-base balance and integrity of human cells and tissues, thereby avoiding the issues of necrosis and apoptosis in cell and tissue samples post collection.


Human tissue transport Human tissue perfusion Primary cell culture RNA isolation Histology Xenograft procurement Tissue and organ drug bioassays

Product Type:
Biochemicals & reagents
Storage Temp:
+ 2-8°C
Shelf Life:
6 months from manufacture