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PODS™ Human TGF-β 3

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PODS™ Human TGF-β3 crystals provide a depot of proteins which are steadily secreted. It has been estimated that the biological activity of 50 million PODS™ crystals generates the same peak dose as 3.3 µg of standard recombinant protein. However, at 5 days following the start of seeding the PODS™ crystals, there are more than 50% of these peak levels still present in the culture system. Ultimately, the amount of PODS™ crystals that is optimal for a particular experiment should be determined empirically, using 50 million PODS™ crystals equivalence to 3.3 µg of standard growth factor is a good starting point. To control for cross-reactivity with cells or as a negative control, we recommend using PODS™ growth factors alongside PODS™ Empty crystals, as the latter do not contain or release cargo protein.

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Peptides & proteins

Alternative Names:

Transforming Growth Factor beta 3, TGF beta 3, TGF-β-3, TGFB3, TGFbeta3

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