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RANTES/CCL5 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, rat

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96 tests
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AimPlex™ Analyte Kit for rat RANTES/CCL5. Can be successfully multiplexed with all other Rat Group 2 AimPlex Kits (beta-NGF (NGFB), CD254 (RANKL, TNFSF11), IL-12p40, IL-15, Leptin, LIX (GCP2, CXCL5), MCP-1 (JE, CCL2), MCP-3 (MARC, CCL7), RANTES (CCL5), SDF-1 (CXCL12), sICAM-1 (sCD54), sVCAM-1 (sCD106), VEGF). Kit includes RANTES antibody-conjugated beads, RANTES detection antibody and antigen standard for 96 tests. When ordering multiple Group 2 Analyte Kits, antibody-conjugated beads and detection antibodies are custom premixed at no additional charge. ORDERING NOTE: a single Basic Kit with additional assay reagents/materials and a sample type-specific Diluent Kit are required for proper assay performance for either single analyte or multiple Group 2 Analyte Kit orders. Basic Kit: Cat# P200201. Diluent Kit (one of the following): cell culture supernatants (Cat# P810101), serum, plasma and bodily fluids (Cat# R200201), lysates (Cat# P820301).

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Assays & kits

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RANTES/CCL5 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, rat