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GRO alpha/KC/CINC1 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, rat

GRO alpha/KC/CINC1 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, rat
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Size: 96 tests
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GRO alpha/KC/CINC1 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, rat

AimPlex™ Analyte Kit for rat GRO alpha/KC/CINC1. Can be successfully multiplexed with all other Rat Group 1 AimPlex Kits (Eotaxin (CCL11), G-CSF (CSF-3), GM-CSF (CSF-2), GRO alpha (KC, CINC1), IFNgamma, IL-1alpha (IL-1F1), IL-1beta (IL-1F2), IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12p70, IL-13, IL-17A (CTLA-8), IP-10 (CXCL10), MIP-1alpha (CCL3), MIP-2 (GRO beta, CINC3), TNFalpha). Kit includes GRO alpha antibody-conjugated beads, GRO alpha detection antibody and antigen standard for 96 tests. When ordering multiple Group 1 Analyte Kits, antibody-conjugated beads and detection antibodies are custom premixed at no additional charge. ORDERING NOTE: a single Basic Kit with additional assay reagents/materials and a sample type-specific Diluent Kit are required for proper assay performance for either single analyte or multiple Group 1 Analyte Kit orders. Basic Kit: Cat# P200201. Diluent Kit (one of the following): cell culture supernatants (Cat# P810101), serum, plasma and bodily fluids (Cat# R200201), lysates (Cat# P820301).


Flow Cytometry-based multiplex assay
Rat Group 1 (19 Analytes). Readily multiplexed with same group analytes.

Product Type:
Assays & kits
Species Reactivity:
Storage Temp:
Limit of Detection:
< 5 pg/ml
LLOQ: < 10 pg/ml; ULOQ: > 5,000
Sample Type:
supernatants, sera, plasma, body fluids, lysates
Additional Information:
AimPlex Bead #: S4P8