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Recombinant EBOV Soluble GP (sGP)

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100 µg
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Recombinant Ebolavirus Soluble Glycoprotein (EBOV sGP), with a c-terminal HIS tag, is supplied as purified protein. EBOV sGP is produced in mammalian cells and is purified by FPLC.

  • Applications:Recombinant glycoprotein provides a means for antibody development, control protein for testing, and a tool to enhance research.
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Peptides & proteins

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100 µg of protein is supplied in PBS. The theoretical molecular weight of the protein is ~43 kDa. Because of the glycosylated nature of this protein, migration in an SDS-PAGE gel is slowed resulting in a broad, diffuse band representing differing glycosylation forms.

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