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Rabbit anti-EBOV GP pAb Biotinylated

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100 µg
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Affinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody reactive to ZEBOV GP. The antibody detects GP in virus-like particles (VLP) and recombinant ZEBOV GP without the transmembrane region (ZEBOV rGPdTM) in Western blot and ELISA. Purified rabbit polyclonal antibody reactive to ZEBOV GP was conjugated with biotin and purified from unconjugated biotin by diafiltration.

  • Applications:ELISA, WB
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Antibodies - primary

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Not tested for the biotinylated antibody. For the specific antibody reactivity of the unconjugated antibody see Catalog #: 0301-015


Peptide sequence to Zaire Ebola virus (ZEBOV) glycoprotein (GP).

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100 μg of biotinylated antibody is supplied in PBS at a concentration of 0.71 mg/mL. Antibody is affinity purified using immobilized immunogen.

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