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Sodium Channel Modulator Array Library

Library Code: T-VDANa+
Venoms from theraphosids (tarantulas), scorpions and snakes are rich sources of new Na+ tools. The Sodium Channel Targeted Venom Discovery Array™ libraries contain pure venom fractions from 12, 24, 48 or 96 species optimized for identification of novel tools. Each array contains literature-cited, characterized venoms active on sodium channels as positive controls. The other venom fractions making up the library have been specially selected by our drug discovery scientists to maximize novel hit potential.
T-VDANa+ control venoms include
  • Thrixopelma puriens (Peruvian velvet tarantula) where Protox II, a gating modifier of NaV1.71, was discovered
  • Androctonus australis (Sahara scorpion) where several selective sodium channel tools have been discovered2
  • Crotalus durissus (South American rattlesnake) venom which contains crotamine3, one of the very few snake-derived Na+ channel toxins
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