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Reference Gene Selection Kits

Over 6,300 papers have already cited the geNorm™ method.

There is increasing evidence that normalizing to a single, randomly selected housekeeping gene introduces large and variable errors into the analysis. geNorm™ kits were designed for the selection of the best candidate reference gene for a given experimental scenario.

geNorm™ kits measure the expression of a panel of reference genes in your sample. The geNorm™ software provided with the kit ranks the reference genes in order of stability. The output graphs identify the best reference genes for that particular experiment and also the optimum number that must be included for accurate normalization.

geNorm™ kits use the most commonly cited reference genes in the literature plus additional genes from a wide variety of cellular processes. A full list of the genes is available on individual product pages.

Product Features

  • Quick simple protocol
  • Identifies the best reference genes for any given experimental model
  • Improves accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of subsequent experiments

Kit Contents

  • Lyophilized primers and probes for 6 or 12 reference genes
  • RNAse/DNAse free water
  • access to the latest geNorm™ software in qbasePLUS

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