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Reference Gene Detection Kits

For accurate gene expression measurements it is essential to normalize results from your quantitative real-time PCR experiments to a fixed reference, typically a constitutively expressed reference gene. Provided you have good quality cDNA, you are guaranteed to get great data without any further optimization with these reference (house-keeping) gene assays.
Each kit provides reagents for the target specific amplification of a reference gene using real-time PCR. Assays are available with PerfectProbe or Double-Dye (Taqman style) probe or as primer only kits for use with SYBR Green chemistry. Primers have been tested for priming specificity and amplification efficiency at optimal concentrations. 
Kit Contents 
  • Lyophilized forward and reverse primer set for your selected reference gene 
  • RNAse/DNAse free water
Not sure what reference gene to use?
Choosing the appropriate control genes for your experiment is crucial. geNorm Reference Gene Selection Kits are a quick and easy way to select optimal reference genes for any biological system (e.g. cell line, tissues sample). After running your geNorm assay you'll find the individual reference gene kits here for your ongoing work.

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