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qPCR Detection Kits

An extensive range of high quality quantitative real-time PCR kits are available for the detection and simultaneous quantification of a large number of pathogens in the following categories: human pathogen detection, veterinary and agricultural pathogens, food and water analysis and biothreat detection. Additional kits are available for GMO detection and meat speciation identification. 
The kits are designed with the broadest possible detection profile to ensure that all clinically relevant strains and subtypes are detected. Target sequences are selected by working with data from key opinion leaders in the field. Multiple sequence alignments and unprecedented real-time PCR expertise in design and validation ensure the best possible kit. Kits are designed to work perfectly with any real time PCR machine.

Product Categories

Human Pathogens

Veterinary and Agricultural Pathogens

Food and Water Pathogens

Meat Speciation

Food Allergens

GMO Detection


Product Features
  • 100-150 tests per kit
  • Positive copy number standard curve for quantification
  • Highly specific detection profile
  • High priming efficiency
  • Broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs)
  • Sensitive to <100 copies of target
  • Accurate controls to confirm findings
A copy number standard curve is provided for quantification. Advanced kits also include internal extraction template (DNA or RNA) controls for the quality of the nucleic acid extraction and an endogenous control to assess sample quality.
Kit Contents
  • Primer and probe mix
  • RT specific primer for the Reverse transcription step (for RNA genome pathogens)
  • Copy number standard curve (for 4 standard curves)
  • Internal extraction control (DNA/RNA)*
  • Endogenous control*
  • RNAse/DNAse free water
*advanced kits only
If you require further information or if you have a specific question about the detection profile of these kits, please contact us at and our bioinformatics team will answer your question.
genesig kits are sold for research use only.