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Positive Control cDNA

The ideal positive control for your experiment.

The BioBank™ is a high quality source of cDNA validated for use in Real-Time PCR experiments. The cDNA is reverse transcribed from high quality, DNAse treated RNA from a variety of tissues and cell cultures using an optimized blend of oligo-dT and random nonamer primers. BioBank™ cDNA is free of genomic DNA and PCR inhibitors, and covers the widest possible range of RNA and mRNA transcripts in the specified tissue or cell line. BioBank™ cDNA is useful for expression profiling of newly identified genes and also as a positive control for Real-Time PCR.

Positive control primer/probe are supplied with the kits which detect 18S ribosomal RNA. The 18S control primers are especially formulated to work under all recommended Real-Time PCR cycling conditions: Taqman cycling, PerfectProbe cycling, and SYBR Green cycling conditions will all work perfectly with the kit. 

Product Features

  • High quality cDNA
  • Validated for use in Real-Time PCR
  • Free from PCR inhibitors
  • Guaranteed signal
  • Reverse transcribed using optimal oligo-dT / random nonamer blend

Kit Contents

  • 250ng of gDNA-free cDNA
  • Positive control 18S primer and probe set
  • RNAse/DNAse free water

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