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Nutrient Transporter Assays

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Define how key nutrient transporters (SLCs) are expressed using RBDs (Receptor Binding Domains), the only cell surface ligands for:
Glut1, the major glucose transporter
ASCT2, the key glutamine transporter
PiT1 and PiT2, the two inorganic phosphate importers
XPR1, the only known inorganic phosphate exporter
FLVCR1, the only known heme exporter

What Are RBDs?

RBDs are recombinant ligands derived from the Receptor Binding Domain of retroviral envelope glycoproteins. For example, HTLV2 is a human retrovirus that uses Glut1 as a receptor to bind, enter and infect cells. No cell surface antibody against Glut1 has ever been generated, making the Glut1.RBD a unique ligand able to bind Glut1 at the cell surface.
With RBDs, quickly detect and quantify SLCs at the cell surface of any cell type. RBDs are adapted to different imaging technologies such as flow cytometry and high content analysis and can be easily adapted to automated liquid handling platforms.
RBDs can be used to establish a meaningful cell surface metabolic signature based on glucose, amino acids, phosphate and other nutrient transporter expression, or simply explore and screen SLC expression on your cells.
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