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Ion Channel Assays

Together with our partners at B‘SYS in Switzerland we are able to offer top-quality patch clamp services across a very wide range of ion channel targets.

Their laboratories are equipped with state of the art patch-clamp technology operated by scientists with deep experience in this field. Using state of the art systems, rapid drug application can be achieved to maximise your data acquistion.

Further options for your experiments:

- Full glass equipment
- Temperature control
- Full human plasma or in the presence of BSA or other relevant proteins

Application schemes and assay conditions can be adapted for your needs.

Depending on the application scheme and the type of ion channel the manual setups at B'SYS allow the measurement of 20-50 compounds per day.

Whole-cell recordings or single-channel analysis in various expression systems (HEK 293, CHO, Neuroblastoma etc.) can be conducted to test the effects of drugs on voltage-gated or ligand-gated ion channels.

View the Ion Channel Assay Catalog, or Contact us to discuss your project requirements.