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Internal Control Kits

Negative test results are only valid when the suitability of the reagents, template and protocols have also been demonstrated. Real-Time PCR Internal Control Kits contain either control RNA or DNA. This can be spiked in to your sample prior to nucleic acid extraction or diluted and spiked directly into your Real-Time PCR reaction. A positive signal of around Ct 25 indicates that your experimental procedure is working well.

The internal control kit can be multiplexed or used in parallel with your test samples. The assay is primer limited and based on an obscure nucleic acid sequence so it will not interfere with the detection of your target sequence. The Taqman® style probes are available with a wide range of fluorophores

Kit Contents

  • Lyophilised internal control primers/Taqman®-style probe
  • Internal control DNA or RNA template
  • RNAse/DNAse free water

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