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Hit-to-Lead Service

Service Code: T-VDAHTLS
Unlock the full potential of the Targeted Venom Discovery Arrays™ (T-VDAs) with this custom hit characterization and lead optimization service. The Venomtech® team have decades of experience in global pharmaceutical drug discovery coupled with specialist knowledge of venoms and venomous animals. Using industry-leading proprietary safe working practices we turn millions of years of evolution into the ultimate drug discovery pipeline. This starts with the T-VDA already optimized to provide biological tools in areas where synthetic chemistry has failed or where a biological is specifically sought.
The quarterly subscription covers:
  • Characterization of active fractions (LC-MS, MALDI TOF, MS/MS)
  • Separation to single actives where desired
  • Resupply of actives for dose response testing
  • Provision of extra targeted venoms to improve potency and/ or selectivity
  • Identification of potential SAR (Structural Activity Relationships)
  • Small scale synthesis of the active
  • Full confidential project report with strategic projections
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