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GPCR Modulator Array Library

Library Code: T-VDAGPCR
Although not typically expected as a pathway for venoms, GPCR modulation has been discovered in several snake venoms including muscarinic acetylcholine receptor blockers. Snake venoms are a rich source of GPCR tools such as the three-finger toxin motif that is particularly effective at binding GPCRs. The GPCR Targeted Venom Discovery Array™ libraries contain pure venom fractions from 12, 24, 48 or 96 species optimized for identification of novel tools. Each array contains literature-cited, characterized venoms active in GPCR pathways as positive controls. Other venom fractions making up the library have been specially selected by our drug discovery scientists to maximize novel hit potential.
T-VDAGPCR control venoms include:
  • Crotalus atrox (western diamondback rattlesnake) where the bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist has been discovered1
  • Dendroaspis angusticeps (eastern green mamba) where several novel muscarinic receptor antagonists have been discovered2
  • Naja kaouthia (monocled cobra) venom which contains a large abundance of three-finger proteins including antagonizing nicotinic and muscarinic nicotine receptors3
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