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Biosensor Assays

Single color, genetically-encoded biosensors for detection of signal transduction pathways in living cells. Sensors fluoresce in either the green or red part of the visible spectrum, and can be combined with other colored sensors for the simultaneous detection of multiple components of signal transduction pathways. The sensors are packaged in BacMam, a modified baculovirus under the control of a variety of promoter and Cre-inducible elements, for ease of use in a wide range of living cell types and tissue.

  • Robust assays in living cells
  • Easy assay steps – No cell lysis
  • BacMam delivery to most cell types
  • Fluorescence imaging or plate reader detection
  • Robust assay quality (Z’ from >0.5 to >0.95)
  • Physiologically-relevant and cell friendly
  • No forskolin or IBMX needed
  • No enzymes or co-factors
  • Multiplex GPCR Assays: Gs, Gq, Gi, voltage

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