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New: C80EZ Cryopreservation Media - -80C Safe Cell Storage

New: C80EZ Cryopreservation Media - -80C Safe Cell Storage

Mayflower Bioscience markets the new C80EZ® cryopreservation media which enables -80oC cell storage, providing recovery rates at levels previously only achieved with liquid nitrogen storage.

C80EZ forms nanoscale cubic ice during freezing, attenuating cellular damage during storage and rewarming from deep freezers (-80oC) and liquid nitrogen.

C80EZ does not contain or require any animal or human derived components, helps prevent cell aggregation and enables long-term storage in standard deep freezers of valuable mammalian cell types like stem cells and embryos.

C80EZ media also improves survival in liquid nitrogen of sensitive cell types like primary neurons and white blood cells.

Formulations are available for mammalian cells, insect cells and competent cells.