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Introducing the RealSeq®-AC small-RNA Library Prep Kit

Introducing the RealSeq®-AC small-RNA Library Prep Kit

Mayflower Bioscience has entered into a distribution agreement with SomaGenics Inc. to market the RealSeq®-AC small-RNA Library Prep Kit

RealSeq®-AC is a novel, proprietary method for preparing small-RNA sequencing libraries that nearly eliminates incorporation bias allowing for accurate quantification of microRNAs (miRNA) and other small RNAs.

Commonly used sequencing library preparations lead to underestimation of the abundance of most miRNAs, some by as much as 10,000-fold. This under-representation can obscure the presence of some RNAs, including potentially useful biomarkers if they were detected accurately.

Most bias originates from sequence-dependent variability in the enzymatic ligation reactions that attach the two adapters to the 3’ and 5’ ends of the miRNAs/small RNAs during preparation of sequencing libraries.

RealSeq-AC detects more miRNAs with over 5 or 10 reads per million, respectively, from total RNA samples compared to other kits for miRNA sequencing library preparation. RealSeq-AC is optimized for inputs between 1 μg to 100 ng of total RNA.