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Capture CTCs with the Parsortix™ System

Capture CTCs with the Parsortix™ System

Mayflower Bioscience has entered into a collaboration with ANGLE North America Inc. to market the Parsortix™ system.

This simple technology provides translational researchers with the ability to capture and harvest circulating tumor cells and other rare cells of interest.

The method does not use antibodies or membranes but instead uses a disposable microfluidic cassette to capture and harvest circulating cells with high purity from liquid biopsies, based on cell size and compressibility.

This non-invasive method can be used to detect and monitor a wide range of CTCs including those originating from solid tumors of the breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal. 

With very low background contamination from white blood cells it allows for in vitro staining on the cassette or the direct molecular analysis of harvested cells by FISH, qPCR, NGS, WGA, IHC.