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Oropharyngeal swab collection kits with VTM

Oropharyngeal swab collection kits with VTM

Oropharyngeal swab collection kits with VTM 

The NEST Disposable Oropharyngeal VTM Sampler kits from Wuxi Nest Biotechnology are high quality, yet affordable kits for the collection of oropharyngeal swab samples for COVID-19 testing. Containing Viral Transport Media (VTM) for nucleic acid detection and virus culture, the kits can be stored at room temperature pre-collection but should be stored at 2-8℃ post-collection to avoid the growth of contaminants.


VTM contains Hanks Balanced Salt Solution, Fetal Bovine Serum, anti-bacterial antibiotics, anti-fungal antibiotics and Phenol Red as an indicator for real-time monitoring of pH stability of the solution.

Swab & tube specifications

The sterile oropharyngeal swab provided features a flocked tip with a breakpoint at 80 mm and 32 mm from the tip, compatible with the tubes provided. The tube cap design is highly effective at containing the VTM and preventing leakage of the sample. The tubes are pre-labelled and each has a unique barcode identifier.


These kits are available with either 5 ml or 10 ml tubes containing 2.5 ml or 3 ml of VTM respectively:

1) 5 ml Oropharyngeal VTM Sampler kits

Supplied in boxes containing 50 loose swabs and 5 packs of 10 vials

2) 10 ml Oropharyngeal VTM Sampler kits

Supplied individually wrapped in cases of 100 kits 


• ISO13484 accredited manufacturer, FDA and CE Certified

Oropharyngeal swab collection kits with VTM

Sample Type Component


Oropharyngeal &

5ml Vial
(2ml VTM)

10ml Vial
(3ml VTM)


Tests $/Test
202011 50 $4.25
202012 100 $5.58
202016 100 $5.50
202019 100 $6.60
202018 100 $7.50
202115 100 $4.25
202117 100 $5.50
202003 5000 $1.00
202092 100 $3.13


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