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Pluripro® Serum-free Culture System

Pluripro® Serum-free Culture System

Pluripro® is a fully defined, serum-free culture system that supports high purity, confluent expansion of human pluripotent cells without the use of feeder cells. The Pluripro® system is specifically designed to make stem cell culture routine and robust, reducing labour intensity and increasing consistency. The system is composed of a carefully matched matrix coating and fully defined medium which together provide an ideal environment for the growth and maintenance of human pluripotent cells.  Pluripro® generates robust cultures where pluripotency rates above 98% are rountinely maintained.

  • Uniform cell growth
  • Normal karyotype retained over extended passage
  • No additional growth factors needed
  • Easy adaption from feeder-dependent culture
  • Functionally tested for optimal performance


High magnification of hES cells grown on Pluripro® MATRIX showing characteristic morphology.


Cells cultured in the Pluripro® culture system routinely demonstrate staining of pluripotency markers across >98% cells when subjected to FC analysis. Data shown is for SSEA-4. 


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