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Enzymatic Shearing

Enzymatic Shearing


The Chromatrap® Enzymatic Shearing Kit provides an excellent method for the preparation of high quality, ideally fragmented chromatin for ChIP analysis.

The success of a ChIP assay is highly dependent on the quality of chromatin prepared. The Enzymatic shearing kit provides buffers to optimise the shearing conditions of your chromatin by enzymatic digestion.

Chromatin prepared using this kit demonstrates excellent enrichment, independent of starting cell number. With its quick and simple protocol the Chromatrap® Enzymatic Shearing Kit is the perfect cost-effective alternative to sonication.

  • Supplies all reagents and buffers for up to 10 chromatin preparations, which determines optimal shearing conditions
  • Generates enough chromatin to perform up to 24 ChIPs using a standard Chromatrap® ChIP spin column kit or up to 96 IPs using the Chromatrap® 96 HT microplate kit


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