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High Throughput ChIP-Seq

High Throughput ChIP-Seq


The Chromatrap® 96 ChIP-seq kit allows the user to perform up to 96 ChIP assays from cell collection through to immunoprecipitation, including up to 10 chromatin sample preparations.

The kit provides all of the major components required for performing ChIP assays and DNA purification plate to obtain high quality DNA for NGS library preparation. Positive and negative antibody and primer sets are provided in the kit to give you satisfaction of chromatin preparation. With selective and sensitive enrichment of low chromatin loading and optimised elution buffer chemistry allows for high quality and quantity of immunoprecipitated DNA.

  • This kit is compatible with both qPCR and sequencing as a downstream process
  • Has a wide dynamic range suitable for low and high chromatin loadings (1-50µg). The wide dynamic range allows for better results from small sample sizes and provides greater flexibility thus more IP assays can be performed from just one sample
  • The kit is ideal for more difficult primary cell samples and for the enrichment of low abundant transcription factors


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