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JuLI™ Br Live Cell Analyzer

JuLI™ Br Live Cell Analyzer

JuLI™ Br is an incubator-based system designed for live cell imaging experiments. View and capture live cell images inside your cell culture incubator. Sequential time-lapse images are stored, and can be converted to movie files automatically. The confluence analyzer can detect cell confluence and generate growth curves. Applicable for long-term monitoring of more than 72 hours.



  • Cell confluence detection
  • Automated quantitative cell confluence analysis
  • Time-lapse image capture & movie recording
  • Real-time cell growth curves
  • Cell migration assays


Quantified cell confluence results with low variation


Cell-growth images were captured for 60 hours with 10 minutes interval in Hep3B cell line.


HeLa cells growth were observed 40 hours with 10 minutes intervals and analyzed monolayer confluence using JuLI™ Br. For apoptosis assays, experimental group (channel 2) was treated Staurosporine.

scratch1 scratch2

A549 cells were incubated for 40 hours after scratch. JuLI™ Br calculated the scratch recovery automatically.


Feature Specification
Magnification Objective 4 X and digital zoom (~ 400 X)
Image resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels (5M)
Exported formats JPEG (image), AVI (movie), CSV (raw data)
Display 10.1’’ LCD touch screen
Light source White LED
Dimensions & Weight Scope: 300 x 190 x 188 mm, 4 kg; Station: 282 x 285 x 160 mm, 3.2 kg
Storage 320 GB Hard drive; 4 GB USB drive

Protected by patents KR2012-0099447 ; other rights granted and pending

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