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PODS™ Growth Factors

PODS™ Growth Factors

Introducing a revolution in growth factor quality, stability and bioavailability - PODS™ Growth Factors. From Activin to Wnt3a - more than 20 different growth factors are now available in this novel format.

PODS Growth Factors are slow-release microcrystals made by the co-expression of growth factor with an inert polyhedrin scaffold protein. Each PODS microcrystal contains millions of copies of the cargo protein which are released over time by endogenous proteases secreted by cells or present in sera.



Key Features/Benefits

  • Highly stable storage in liquid at 4°C to 25°C 
  • Made in insect cells for important post-translational modifications
  • Slow release mechanism
  • Reduce frequency of media changes
  • Steadier growth factor concentrations over time
  • 100% bioactivity and product consistency for more reproducible results
  • Easily create localized deposits to produce physiologically relevant concentration gradients

Additional Information

The Science Behind PODS™

PODS™ Frequently Asked Questions


PODS™ Availability

Human Activin A

Human BDNF

Human BMP-4

Human EGF

Mouse Ephrin-B2

Human FGF-2

Human FGF-7

Human GDNF

Human IGF-1

Human IL-6

Human IL-10

Human LIF


Human RANK Ligand

Human SCF

Human SHH

Human TGF-β1

Human TGF-β3

Mouse VEGF-165

Human Wnt-3a

PODS Empty (PODS without cargo protein for validation experiments)


Note: product availability depends on country. Product detail pages show availability of each product.