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DNA Extraction (FFPE)

DNAstorm™ FFPE DNA Extraction Kit

Powerful DNA extraction from FFPE samples
Formalin-fixed tissue samples are a challenge for DNA extraction, often resulting in low quality and yields of amplifiable DNA and poor performance in subsequent steps like sequencing library preparation.
The DNAstorm Extraction Kit enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage and provides DNA with higher yield and quality, better integrity, and greater amplifiability. DNAstorm's proprietary CAT5™ technology* allows for isolation of nucleic acid under mild conditions, avoiding the use of damaging conditions and chemicals. The kit provides all necessary reagents for extraction of total DNA from FFPE tissue samples in a simple spin-column format.
Whether you are performing Next generation sequencing, PCR or qPCR/RT-PCR, the DNAstorm kit improves DNA extraction success.
*CAT5™ technology builds on research initiated at Stanford University and published in Nature Chemistry in 2015 (S. Karmakar et al, Organocatalytic Reversal of Formaldehyde Adducts of RNA and DNA Bases, Nature Chemistry 2015, 7:752-758.)

Simple and Convenient Workflow



  • Higher overall yield
  • Increased integrity
  • Best choice for demanding applications or uncertain tissue sample quality


  • Applications:  Next generation sequencing, PCR, qPCR/RT-PCR
  • Kit Format:  manual (spin columns)
  • RNAse Treatment Step:  included
  • Sample Type:  formalin-fixed samples (paraffin embedded or preserved in fixative)
  • Sample Input:  1-4 sections (5-10 µm each)
  • Type of RNA Isolated:  total RNA (including miRNA)
  • Expected Yield:  up to 1.5 µg (sample-dependent)
  • Isolation Time:  50 minutes hands-on
  • Safety:  no phenol/chloroform used. Safe deparaffinization reagent included (no xylene necessary)


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