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R-GECO Calcium Sensor

Red fluorescent, genetically-encoded Ca2+ indicator for optical imaging (R-GECO). Signal increases in fluorescence intensity in response to increases in intracellular calcium. Changes in fluorescence in living cells can be detected with epifluorescence microscopy or on automated fluorescence plate readers. There is no need to fix or lyse the cells before measuring fluorescence. The vector carrying the sensor is a modified BSL-1 baculovirus (BacMam). In mammalian cells, only the fluorescent sensor is expressed. BacMam has high transduction efficiency in most primary cultures and iPSC-derived cells, and expression levels in the cell can be adjusted by titrating the virus.

R-GECO can be paired with our green fluorescent cAMP sensor or green fluorescent Upward and Downward DAG sensors to simultaneously detect both Ca2+ and cAMP or Ca2+ and diacylglycerol (DAG) in living cells.

rgeco1 rgeco2


R-GECO was co-transduced with Green Upward DAG sensor and measured in the same cells. R-GECO fluorescent sensor has been validated on a variety of epifluorescence microscopes with lenses ranging from 20X, 0.9 N.A. to 63X, 1.4 N.A. Data acquired on a BMG CLARIOStar fluorescence plate reader.


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