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Human Group IL-12 Family AimPlex™ Kits

Human IL-12 Family (2x2-Plex)





The following analytes can be multiplexed together (2-plex): IL-12p70 and IL-27; IL-23 and IL-35. When multiple analytes are ordered together, antibody-conjugated beads and detection antibodies are custom premixed at no additional charge.
Quotes and Ordering
  1. complete the AimPlex Human Analyte Selection Form and we'll prepare your quote listing all components for a custom-build multiplex assay.

  2. for online orders, just add your kits to cart. Be sure to include the following components for your custom-built multiplex assay:
  • AimPlex Analyte Kit(s): listed below. Includes analyte-specific Ab conjugated beads, detection antibody and antigen standard
  • Basic Kit (species-specific): Cat# P100001. Includes additional assay reagents/materials
  • Diluent Kit (sample-type specific): cell culture supernatants (Cat# P810101), serum, plasma and bodily fluids (Cat# P100111), lysates (Cat# P820301).


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
IL-12p70 AimPlex™ Analyte Kit, human A111137F · Aimplex Bioscience
Aimplex Bioscience
96 tests $202.40
96 tests