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MEMO® Photostable Medium

MEMO® Photostable Medium is based on DMEM, but unlike DMEM, it does not contain components that cause phototoxicity. Even sensitive cells, such as oligodendrocyte precursor cells, can be exposed to extensive periods of intense light and still retain viability.

MEMO should be used only prior to and during exposure to light. At other times, standard DMEM should be used. If  B-27® or similar neuronal supplements are used in combination with DMEM, these should be replaced with SOS®

MEMO is part of the LiveLight™ line of reagents that enable intense optogenetic or prolonged live cell imaging experiments to be carried out on a wide range of cell types, including stem cells and neurons, without affecting cell viability or function. LiveLight reagents build on the components of known media and supplements, but remove phototoxic components and add key active ingredients. The reagents have been validated by an independent research group and can also be used to improve cell survival in FACS, in vitro calcium imaging, and viral transduction.


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