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Cellular Marker Antibody Pairs/Panels

Cellular Marker Antibody Pairs/Panels

Antibody pairs and panels against a wide range of cellular markers.

  • 14-3-3 Family Antibody Panel (beta, sigma, tau, zeta) (ARG30116)
  • AgRP Neuron Activity Antibody Duo (ARG30208)
  • Alzheimer's Disease Duo 1 (APP, Presenilin) (ARG30081)
  • Alzheimer's Disease Related Protein Panel (APP, Tau, alpha Synuclein) (ARG30147)
  • AMPK-ACC pathway Antibody Panel (ARG30182)
  • AP-1 early response transcription factor Antibody Duo (c-JUN, c-FOS) (ARG30265)
  • Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Bcl2, Bax) (ARG30268)
  • Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Bcl2, Bid) (ARG30269)
  • Apoptosis Marker Antibody Duo (Caspase3, PARP) (ARG30105)
  • Beta-catenin degradation Antibody Panel (Total, pS33, pS37, pT41/pS45) (ARG30184)
  • Brain Injury IHC Marker (GFAP, MMP9) (ARG30292)
  • Cardiomyocyte Cell Surface Marker Antibody Panel (Cx43, Desmin, SIRP) (ARG30142)
  • CARM1 mediated histone arginine methylation Duo (ARG30246)
  • Cell Cycle Marker Antibody Panel (Cyclin B1, Cyclin E, H3.1S10) (ARG30139)
  • Cell Matrix Adhesion Antibody Duo (Vinculin, E-cadherin) (ARG30092)
  • Chondrogenesis Marker Antibody Panel (CD44, FOXC1, FOXC2, SOX9) (ARG30160)
  • Circulating Tumor Cells Biomarker Antibody Duo (EpCAM, HER2) (ARG30133)
  • Colorectal Carcinoma Marker Antibody Duo (Colorectal carcinoma, PKM2) (ARG30013)
  • Contractile-associated protein Antibody Duo (Oxtr, Cx43) (ARG30242)
  • Cytochrome-C fractionation Antibody Panel (Cycs, COX IV, Tubulin) (ARG30276)
  • Cytotoxic T Cell Surface Marker Antibody Panel (FACS) (ARG30162)
  • DNA Mismatch Repair System Antibody Duo (MSH2, MSH6) (ARG30138)
  • Endosome, Lysosome, Peroxisome Marker Antibody Panel (Catalase, Caveolin1, Clathrin heavy chain, LAMP1) (ARG30130)
  • Endothelial Cell Marker Antibody Duo (CD31, CD34) (ARG30095)
  • Epigenetic Antibody Duo with c-Abl and HDAC2 (ARG30100)
  • Epithelial Marker Antibody Duo (Muc-1, EpCAM) (ARG30090)
  • General Lymphocyte Marker Panel (CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD56) (ARG30143)
  • Germ Layer Marker Antibody Panel (AFP, TUJ1, SMA) (ARG30134)
  • GFAP Antibody Duo (Ab Hosts: Goat, Rabbit) (ARG30007)
  • Glia / Neural Progenitor Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, Nestin) (ARG30006)
  • Glial Differentiation Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, S100beta) (ARG30087)
  • Glial Differentiation Marker Antibody Duo (GFAP, Vimentin) (ARG30088)
  • Glucose uptake: Adrenoceptor Dependent Pathway Antibody Panel (GLUT1, mTOR pS2448, RICTOR) (ARG30152)
  • Glucose uptake: Insulin Receptor Dependent Pathway Antibody Panel (GLUT4, AKT pS473, IRS1 pS636) (ARG30151)
  • Hippocampal Development Marker (Prox1, Dcx) (ARG30093)
  • IFN gamma Antibody Duo (ARG30234)
  • Immature B Cell Marker Panel (CD19, CD20, CD22, IgM Fc)(FACS) (ARG30121)
  • Intermediate Neurofilament Antibody Panel (NF-L, NF-M, NF-H) (ARG30145)
  • IκB-α degradation Antibody Panel (IKK-α, IKK-β, IκB-α) (ARG30255)
  • Lactate dehydrogenase Antibody Duo (LDHA,LDHB) (ARG30261)
  • LC3A and LC3B Antibody Duo (ARG30273)
  • Lymphocyte Marker Antibody Duo (CD3, CD11c)(FACS) (ARG30128)
  • Lymphocyte Marker Antibody Duo (CD3, CD19)(IHC/ICC) (ARG30127)
  • Mitochondria Apoptosis Initiator Antibody Duo (APAF1, Cytochrome c) (ARG30107)
  • Mitochondria/Caspase dependent Apoptosis WB Panel (Caspase 3, Caspase 9, Cytochrome c, PARP) (ARG30110)
  • Mitochondria/Caspase dependent Apoptosis Marker Duo (Casp9, Cycs) (ARG30106)
  • Mitochondrial fission Antibody Duo (Drp1, BAX) (ARG30263)
  • Mitochondrial Marker Antibody Panel (Cytochrome C, COX4, HSP60) (ARG30271)
  • Mucin Family Antibody Panel (MUC1, MUC2, MUC4, MUC5AC) (ARG30161)
  • Nestin and Vimentin Antibody Duo (ARG30146)
  • Neurofilament Antibody Duo (NF-H, NF-L) (ARG30011)
  • Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, Tau) (ARG30083)
  • Neuron Development Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, TUBB3) (ARG30008)
  • Neuron Marker Antibody Duo (Nestin, MAP2) (ARG30009)
  • Neuronal Cytoskeletal Antibody Duo (NF-L, TUBBIII) (ARG30010)
  • Neutrophils Marker Antibody Duo (CD11b, Ly6G) (ARG30204)
  • NF-kB Activation Antibody Panel (ARG30205)
  • NFkB nuclear translocation Antibody Panel (ARG30251)
  • NRF-2 Nuclear Localization Antibody Duo (NRF2, Lamin B1) (ARG30181)
  • Polycomb Complexes Antibody Panel (H3K27me3, EZH2, Ring1A, RNF2) (ARG30122)
  • Postsynaptic Receptor Antibody Panel (NDMAR2A, NMDAR2B, GluR1) (ARG30131)
  • PPARg pathway Antibody Panel (ARG30183)
  • Pre-B Cell Marker Panel (CD19, CD25, CD38, CD40, CD45)(FACS) (ARG30120)
  • Pro-apoptotic Bcl2 protein Antibody Panel (BAX, BAK, BID) (ARG30275)
  • Pro-B Cell Marker Panel (CD19, CD34, CD38, CD40, CD45)(FACS) (ARG30119)
  • Proliferation Marker Antibody Duo (Ki67, BrdU) (ARG30005)
  • Regulatory T cells Marker (FoxP3, CD4) (ARG30086)
  • Smooth Muscle Marker (Actin, TAGLN) (ARG30293)
  • Smooth Muscle Marker Antibody Duo (Desmin, SMA) (ARG30051)
  • SOD1 and SOD2 Antibody Duo (ARG30274)
  • Src Family Protein Tyrosine Kinases Antibody Panel (ARG30169)
  • Stem Cell Marker Duo 1 (Oct4, Sox2) (ARG30080)
  • Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN) Marker Antibody Duo (Vasopressin, VIP) (ARG30154)
  • SyK / Zap70 Antibody Duo (ARG30049)
  • T / Tn Antigen Antibody Duo (T , Tn) (ARG30016)
  • T Cell Intercellular Adhesion Molecule Duo (CD226, PVR) (ARG30163)
  • Tight Junction Duo 2 (Claudin-1, Occludin) (ARG30085)
  • Tight Junction Marker Panel (Claudin1, E Cadherin, Occludin, ZO1) (ARG30118)
  • Tn Antigen Antibody Duo (sTn, Tn) (ARG30015)
  • Tumor Marker Study Antibody Duo (SMA, Vimentin) (ARG30047)
  • Tumor Therapeutic Analysis Antibody Duo (WT1, Ki67) (ARG30018)


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