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Universal pluriBeads®

Universal pluriBeads®

Universal pluriBeads® allow you to easily create customized catcher particles to bind and isolate your required targets. Attaching your own antibody to universal pluriBeads is both simple and fast. Conjugated pluriBeads are then ready for use with the standard pluriBead cell isolation protocol.

pluriBeads are available for the following antibody hosts: goat, hamster, human, mouse, rabbit, rat

S-pluriBeads or M-pluriBeads: which should I use?
Most preconjugated pluriBeads are available in either two sizes: small (S, 30µm) or medium (M, 60µm). Two beads sizes allow for simultaneous isolation of two different target cells from a single sample. For single cell isolations, we recommend using M-pluriBeads for maximum yield.
40µl of S-pluriBeads can catch up to a maximum of 1x10^6 target cells
100µl of M-pluriBeads can catch up to a maximum of 5x10^6 target cells
Note: pluriBeads are used in combination with standard Reagent Kits which provide all buffers and consumables for multiple separations.


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