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pluriBead® Kits, bovine

pluriBead® Kits, bovine

Selecting Your Kit.

Kits are available for the following targets: CD9, CD21, CD45R, CD47, CD62L
S-pluriBeads or M-pluriBeads: which should I use?
Most preconjugated pluriBeads are available in either two sizes: small (S, 30µm) or medium (M, 60µm). Two beads sizes allow for simultaneous isolation of two different target cells from a single sample. For single cell isolations, we recommend using M-pluriBeads for maximum yield.
40µl of S-pluriBeads can catch up to a maximum of 1x10^6 target cells
100µl of M-pluriBeads can catch up to a maximum of 5x10^6 target cells


Note: product availability depends on country. Product detail pages show availability of each product.